Andrew Bird - Live In Montreal (2008)

Indie rock’s successful musician, singer and composer Andrew Bird has announced his next studio record is all ready to go. We've mentioned about his new song Oh No before.Noble Beast, the new album is due to hit shops January 27. We will see if this is another great Andrew Bird record like previous Armchair Apocrypha. I have no doubt that this record becomes awesome.

Before Noble Beast, i wanted to mention about a new live album available right this instant through his webstore. It's called "Live in Montreal", and it was recorded at the city's La Tulipe in September of last year with Martin Dosh and Jeremy Ylvisaker backing up Bird.

Andrew Bird - Why [Live In Montreal]


timseley on 4:51 pm said...

Just curious... are the lists of songs (like "soon to be hits") being generated automatically or these your personal opinions?

bulut on 6:35 pm said...

hi timseley,
thanks for following the blog, yes soon to be hits lists are my personal opinions. i put them in order... i like Lady Gaga, Mya more than Beyonce :)

tim on 12:34 am said...

Nice. I always enjoy seeing top 40 material mixed in with the good indie stuff. Just cuz its pop (or popular) doesn't take away from its musical credibility. Or at the very least you can still appreciate it for what it is.

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