The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed

Everything is Borrowed fourth album from The Streets, and it's independent on its genre. It's very hard to describe sound of the tracks too. Why do i hate white rap so much? No, it's only honest me. The Streets use gospel choros too (The Escapist). Dull, some enjoyable, some moody and the others are common.

Alas! I forgot the songs i've listened to. Last note to go, Alleged Legends recalls Let’s Push Things Forward on the spot.

Heaven For The Weather, Title track, The Way Of The Dodo are streaming at

Highlights: Everything Is Borrowed, I Love You More, Alleged Legends

The Streets - I Love You More (Than You Like Me)


Anonymous said...

album is immense the best and most orginal sound to be heard on the scene, talks deep. 10/10. 5/10 is a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

not sure what you mean, are you serious with 10/10???? whoa!

Anonymous said...

its worth about a 5 or 6 i think. Where as the first album was the voice of a generation, this is ok with some good tracks, but nothing more.

On the edge of a cliff is nice, and alleged legends.

Anonymous said...

OPM 10/10
GTCFF 5/10
EIB 5/10

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