Jem - Down To Earth (2008)

I'm impressed by Down To Earth! Previous and debut album as Finally Woken wasn't in my playlist. Maybe sawing artists on Video channel doesn't work you to get the whole record. I decided to listen Down To Earth, then Finally Woken, and i can say this deserves selling over 300,000. Some songs on Down To Earth are highly commercial indeed. "I Always Knew"'s everyday tunes maybe are to similar Destiny Child, Tlc or some radio-friendly r&b names. However Down to Earth is almost full of fresh lyrics, soft electronic beats and pianos, beautiful intros and closings. If you consider listening to soulful, amazing, shining Keep On Walking, you agree with me. This is glamorous pop record.

Highlights: I Want You To, It's Amazing, Keep On Walking, And So I Pray, I Always Knew

Jem - Crazy


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