Dungen - 4 (2008)

Are there a lot of people listening to Dungen? Music is obviously universal. Still...How can you last listening to a language which you know about nothing. I've listened four times to 4. I couldn't understand one word of it. Nevertheless, their psychedelic influence of 70s sweden music still sounds great. I think this record would sell if it was written in English. Not all songs have lyrics, but you expect some songs with some lyrics that you understand in full. Listen to Dungen yourself before making a decision.

Dungen - Det Tar Tid
Did you like it or not?

Highlights: Det Tar Tid, Ingenting Ar Sig Likt, Finns Det Nagon Mojlighet, Mina Damer Och Fasaner


oneflashoflight said...

Stunning...truly stunning.

This person should never write about anything or at least never review records beyond the scope of his/her limited comprehension.

Try thinking of the singing as a foreign instrument...another part of the music...you know, the way that the majority of the world that actually "gets" music did in the 60's and 70's when The Beatles and Led Zeppelin were gigantic but English wasn't. Have you ever seen a Japanese crowd from a rock show say, KISS...or Cheap Trick? They're losing their minds understanding next to nothing.

Perhaps Dungen aren't interested in "selling records" over here as they speak great English and this is their FIFTH record without the first English word on it. Perhaps they ARE interested in making music that suits themselves...an art lost to 90% of America.

Anonymous said...

this is boring!

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