Deerhoof - Offend Maggie (2008)

Deerhoof are here to drive us mad once again. Tell me a band which is both stupid and cool, yes Deerhoof is one of a kind. Friend Opportunity is the most playful previous Deerhoof record, and their best match, with its colorful artwork. I was feeling myself like a little Japanese girl when i started to listen this record. However, Offend Maggie sounds straighter and darker than Friend Opportunity.

Most music blogs posted about Offend Maggie, they're all positive. Because, you don't have much choice if the name of the band is Deerhoof. Offend Maggie sounds like Robert Wyatt's (his Sea Song is my all time favorite) indie rock version for the most part, and lyrics are unusual here. Songs like Eaguru Guru seems to take its roots from progressive rock era. Thanks Deerhoof, it's been a nice album, it flows like those amazing Japanese horror movies.

Deerhoof - Offend Maggie

Highlights: Chandelier Searchlight, My Purple Past, Jagged Fruit


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