Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping 2008

Rating: 6/10 (edit* increased from 5 to 6 after taking a shower:)
Ninth Of Montreal record prodoced by Kevin Barnes, set to be released on October 7, 2008 on Polyvinyl. Kevin Barnes stated that the album will be composed of hundreds of short segments ranging from thirty to fifty seconds in length. But believe me, these segments are too much for a complete album spin. You also don't have idea what you are listening to. Track previews? Disappointed? No sir, there is no question that it's my favorite band. Liked Skeletal Lamping? I actually don't know if this is what i like. Of Montreal seems to like Bee Gees or they got into the indie dance sound a lot. I miss records like debut Cherry Peel, astounding The Gay Parade and Satanic Panic in the Attic.

Of Montreal had changed a lot since previous Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?. However songs like Cato as A Pun, Suffer for Fashion or She's a Rejecter made that record top-notch. Skeletal Lamping is nothing doing horrible, they get positive reviews. Positive reviews won't be important if you lose your musical soul. Puzzling, contradicting, disturbing, humorous...fantasies, do nothing about it.

Highlights: Wicked Wisdom, An Eluardian Instance, St.Exquisite's Confessions, Id Engager

Of Montreal - Id Engager


Eduardo Osorio on 2:32 am said...

I have been a fan since Satanic Panic and I think Skeletal is brilliant. I am actually not a big fan of anything they did before Satanic. Good for me I guess!!

bulut on 9:17 am said...

you don't like The Gay Parade? I think it's a masterpiece, every single spin grows on you. The beatles and Bowie influences are appearent in the record. Gay Parada was a complete rock record in any case.

Anonymous said...

horrible fucking review. you either have extremely bad grammar or english is your second language.

great album though!

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