Monkey - Journey To The West (2008)

Damon Albarn composed the musical score while Jamie Hewlett designed the visual concept, set and costumes. Journey To The West describes as "circus opera" and it's a successful, received positive reviews. The album based on the opera which premiered at Manchester International Festival in 2007. Additionally, you'll listen to well-accented Chinese texts during twenty two cuts. It sounds completely obscure without live scenes, but this is some interesting music to share for sure.

Highlights: The Living Sea, Battle In Heaven, Confessions Of A Pig, Sandy The River Demon, Monkey Bee

Monkey - Confessions Of A Pig
Monkey - Sandy The River Demon


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teisho on 7:54 am said...

These sounds are obscure, jagged, and progressively ethereal. If u like music, give these morsel tracks a try. When I put this music in cue during a drive back from the US East cost to the West coast, my compadres were taken aback [ ... i.e. what the hell is this ??!! ... ] .. but within the first 80 miles, they were assuredly hooked on the different tangents each track pulls you on. Give it a shot. Peace.

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