Keane - Spiralling

Keane as one of the strongest pop band from Britain, shout Spiralling and it's first single upcoming Perfect Symmetry. Taking chords and keys from beautiful 80s, recalling amazing Spandau ballet (specially hit "Gold") if you consider as this is a grower version. Spiralling gives rainbow effect! Tom Chaplin can grab you cheerfully this time, he shouts out loud!

Keane - Spiralling (Radio Edit)

Keane - Little Broken Words
Keane - Under Pressure


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Rock Music on 8:51 am said...

I never heard of this band before, but I do like the song. Good recommendation.

The RIpple Effect on 12:37 am said...

Great. I got your link up on my blog. Let's change the world with great music!

The Ripple Effect

AVN on 11:21 pm said...

Who copy edits this thing?

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