Bloc Party - Intimacy (2008)

Rating: 6.5/10 (decreased from 8.5 after taking a shower, it's been overrated:)
Rush, nervous, funny and sharp Intimacy opens album with Ares and Mercury, both energetic, repetitive amazing indie rock music. Mercury remains the best thing in this recording, sounding between previous A Weekend In The City and Silent Alarm. I loved previous records as well as Intimacy. My only complain is this is short as life of a fly. Because first three tracks are suitable for dancing, this makes it happen faster than it is. There are also Trojan Horse, One Month Off Biko and Zepherus, the songs are amazingly flowing. Biko lets you rest like indie rock version of The Cure. Trojan Horse has power and it proofs that Intimacy won't break out third album syndrome. Trojan Horse follows up the same disco-indie-rock way but i like it. Signs and Better Than Heaven are so epic songs.

Bloc Party expressly deserves these words, they got this strange effect on me even if i'm not a diehard Bloc Party Fan. Their music work fairly when you miss some cool, not easily accessible, even headache rock music act. If you have to chose one between Silent Alarm, A Weekend In The City and Intimacy, you should do that for all of them. Intimacy worths a listen without doubt! One of the Best indie rock albums of the year.

Highlights: Ares, Mercury, Trojan Horse, Better Than Heaven

Bloc Party - Trojan Horse
Bloc Party - Mercury


Eduardo Osorio on 2:33 am said...

Well, if you think this album is a 8.5/10 and Of Montreal's is a 5/10 then I guess that was it. not compatible :)

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