The Walkmen - You & Me (2008)

Rating: 6.5/10
As garage rock and indie rock band from The States, The Walkmen still pushes their vocals and music so loud on this one. The record was titled as You & Me, it says that there is something romantic but heavy Tom Waits and some Randy Newman influences (especially vocals of Hamilton Leithauser). The best thing about You & Me is that it's totally different than other same and same indie rock bands. But, in the same time, Oh god!, this is too heavy for many music listeners, it's slow and too heavy. Still, debut "Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone" remains as their best and the most ambitious record. "We've Been Had" from that record is a must-have, unique track, and on "You & Me" there is a song named "In the New Year" which recalls "We've Been Had" a bit. Nearly closing "I Lost You" hypnotizes you such as the best thing this band did.

It's a record which stays between A Hundred Miles Off (2006) and Bows + Arrows (2004). If you like other albums with The Walkmen, this goes well together with them.

Highlights: In the New Year, The Blue Route, I Lost You

The Walkmen - In the New Year

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Anonymous said...

wow...this is poorly written!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I have to agree. It took me 30 seconds to decipher the first couple of sentences...

Anonymous said...

not only is the writing stunningly awful, it is also way off the mark; "you & me" is by far the most laid back of all of their albums.
most certainly not "too heavy" by any standard.

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