Placebo - Whitout You I'm Nothing

Rating: 10/10
I'm unclean, a libertine
And every time you vent your spleen, I seem to lose the power of speech, Your slipping slowly from my reach. You grow me like an evergreen, You never see the lonely me at all

These powerful verses from Placebo's the most darkness record Whithout You i'm Nothing. With its original release date November 3, 1998, Brian Molko deserves an ambitious mention from critics, because lyrics are hard to catch here, at the same time they're bold and ready to rock. "Whitout You I'm Nothing" never ages, call this as goth, alternative, britpop or neoglam, and do not forget that this is hard to categorize. I love listening the whole record together after ten years. Can you find any record sounds like this? Comparable things don't provide something worthy in art. Come on man, this is rare, and alternative rock classic.

Highlights: Pure Morning, Whitout You I'm Nothing, Every You Every Me, The Crawl

Placebo - Whitout You I'm Nothing

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Daniel said...

Placebo is great. My favorite song comes 8 yrs after this one on the meds album
Post Blue

tony zoulias on 4:31 pm said...

oh yeah, "every you every me" is a highlight,indeed.

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