New Uk Music Singles

1. Martha Wainwright - You Cheated Me
Have you ever been cheated by someone? If the answer is yes, you should check out Martha's new album (not Stewart one, because that woman always tries to advertise some equipment from Martha Stewart collection and that makes me angry.)
Martha Wainwright - I know You're Married

2. The Cure – Sleep When I’m Dead
Despite my dislike, new Cure song got the second place of the weekly singles list.

3. The Vines - He’s A Rocker
Melodia review.

4. Beck - Gamma Ray
Beck Modern Guilt Review

5. Echo & The Bunnymen - Think I Need It Too
Watch the live perform of the new Bunnymen single .

6. CSS - Left Behind
CSS - Donkey Review

7. Primal Scream – Can’t Go Back

8. Annie – Songs Remind Me Of You
Another italo disco-like song, back to 80s?

9. The Verve - Love Is Noise
Video of the Verve's newest single Love Is Noise:

10. Madonna – Give It 2 Me
Both my reviews and Madonna suck!

Flashback Video
Tim Booth and The Bad angel - Dance of the Bad Angel Live Performance
An underrated gem from James' lead singer and talented musician Angelo Badalamenti, it's one of the most depressing pop song i've ever listened.


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