Mercury Rev - Snowflake Midnight 2008

Rating: 8.5/10
Beware all commercial shit, you may find some great records there in the year. Like grabby Third by Portishead, or relaxing waterworks by Tindersticks' The Hungry Saw and all other records which are made by great musicians. There is nothing wrong with this avant-garde concept record, oh dudes i always love concept albums. Snowflake midnight seems to fall down from space to earth, lyrics are so eternal here, every song sounds delicious and something that you've never tasted before. Intsrumental sections from time to time perfectly matches with latter vocals, pianos and experimental ambience. The band particularly go beyond to dreamy places like paradise on song "Dream of a Young Girl as a Flower". The best Mercury Rev record since Boces and Deserter's Songs. An untasted beauty!

Highlights: Snowflake in a Hot World, Butterflys Wing, Dream of a Young Girl as a Flower, A Squirrel and I

Mercury Rev - Snowflake in a Hot World


Anonymous said...

Really that good? I'll have to check it out. I still miss the rock-ish psychedelia MR used to produce...

Anonymous said...

I miss their psych weirdness, too (very much), but this one's good, and so is SA.

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