The Little Ones - Morning Tide (2008)

Rating: 5/10
The Little Ones' first impression has clear similarities with Death Cab For Cutie and Mercury Rev , because of the lazy vocals. Debut record Morning Tide brings some good pop songs at times such as Tangerine Visions but boring mournings. It continuously eats your ears, the voice on back and front singing "oh ah oh ah oh ah" on "Gregory's Chant", this is irritating and hard to have fun with these voices.

"Everybody's Up To Something" intelligently gives opinion about some common things in life, it musically lets yourself go and say fuck this life and all these artificialities. The other song by The Little Ones, "Waltz" calls many songs of George Harrison. and near closing "Like A Spoke On A Wheel" hypnotizes you.

Sound of both Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson lives here on Morning Tide, but referances do not interest me much. Because this is avarage indie pop music despite some good tracks like most indie rock records. I still prefer listening to any records by Animal Collective, The Sleepy Jackson, Fleet Foxes and Allen Clapp instead of Morning Tide.

Highlights: Tangerine Visions, Everybody's Up To Something, Like A Spoke On A Wheel

The Little Ones - Boracay


Anonymous said...

i agree. the litttle ones are way too safe for my liking. lovers who uncover was good, but so far thats it.

Cali Angel on 7:24 pm said...

Well they do play it a little safe but they're ok. If you want some soulful Indie, i recommend checking out the artists on the Hotel Cafe if you like those, they're giving away some of their ringtone songs for free. I like David Ford and William Fitzsimmons myself.

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