Babyshambles - Oh What A Lovely Tour

Pete Doherty and his babyshambles perform 19 lovely live versions of hits, fan favorites and other songs. Carry On Up The Morning, Delivery and F**k Forever are ready to blow you away, i loved that electric guitar so much, and the live tracks suitable for summer . This is powerful, solid and fresh british arena-rock band!

mp3: Babyshambles - F**k Forever

1. Carry On Up The Morning
2. Delivery
3. Beg, Steal Or Borrow
4. Baddies Boogie
5. Unstookie Titled
6. Side Of The Road/Build Me Up Buttercup
7. UnBiloTitled
8. The Blinding (Explicit)
9. You Talk
10. Sedative
11. Crumb Begging Baghead
12. Lost Art Of Murder/The Good Old Days
13. There She Goes
14. Albion
15. Pipedown
16. Killamangiro
17. Back From The Dead
18. I Wish
19. F**k Forever (Explicit)


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