Amy Winehouse - The Ska EP (2008)

Amy Winehouse seems to entertain herself being a celebrity crow singer. Singing 'Ay yay yay- yay yay yay' , covering ska-punk favorites from Toots & The Maytals to The Specials, Andy & Joe to Sam Cooke. Only good cover is Cupid originally by Cooke. The result is la-la-la with Amy on old-fashioned boring ska music. These four cover give an opinion about her future career. She makes a Gloria Gaynor-like disco record or something more cheerful than Back to Black (2006), who knows?
Highlights: Cupid (Sam Cooke)

Amy Winehouse - Hey Little Rich Girl


doherty on 9:03 am said...

ah Amy could suck my balls!

james michael gomez said...

old fashioned boring ska music? wow you guys really know SHIT about music and who ever wrote this is probably the stupidest person to ever have a blog. toots and the maytals is not SKA PUNK moron. damn learn a thing about music you idiot before you review something. LAME LAME LAME. JOKE JOKE JOKE. lol this is so funny.


james michael gomez on 9:25 pm said...

frikandon said...

Thought so myself 'james michael gomez', but you already said it.

I must say the covers Amy did aren't all that but the originals sure are fantastic.
And indeed ska-punk?! It's just plain old ska, like we love it! :-)

Maybe be a little more objective instead of breaking it all down!

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