Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro (2008)

Rating: 8/10
Most producers and artists give the love back to basics. What i mean is recovering 60s pop tunes is so popular right now. Names such as Amy Winehouse, Gnarls Barkley, Sam sparro, Christina Aguilera are successful examples.

A producer, songwriter and performer, and former child actor Sam Sparro (born Sam Falson November 8th 1984 in Sydney, Australia) combines old-fashioned gospel vocals onto electronic or indie electronic music, whatever you call the backround music on his top charter "Black and Gold". I already put the single number 1 on MM singles of the week. Today, i had a change listening his full self-titled record. In my opinion, first spin is the most important thing to write your review. The debut contains many chart climber songs, and this sounds like a best of compilation of VA best of disco. Chaka Khan is also one of the first admirers of him. I stay and listen many artists from Tim Hardin to Nico, Mary J. Blige to Amy Winehouse, and George Michael to Sam Sparro. He looks like George Michael, his gay look, amazing R&B vocals, danceable hits. However the debut ain't my recommended music. It can't be, you see i'm so selfish about music. I know which record is the best and which is not!

The album shows itself, it's better than listening Madonna's shitty, painful Hard Candy. Finally it's amazing like Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, Rihanna's "Good girl gone Bad" or Lilly Allen's "Alright, Still..." but good pop dance record.

Plus official Sam Sparro page is quite glam here:

MM picks: Black and Gold, 21st Century Life, Sick, Cut Me Loose

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Sam Sparro - Black and Gold


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