Robert pollard - Robert Pollard is Off to Business (2008)

Rating: 7/10
Guided By Voices man Robert pollard is on to make another occult indie rock record. All i can say is you can find some nice moments on his educated and weird rock music. He's actually both great singer and songwriter, people probably don't have time to listen to the records.

We listen some music and complain why this music can't reach to many people. I think this is totally wrong, everyone should listen what she or he likes. You can't make them to listen this record with your words, or it's possible that ... maybe.

Highlights: Gratification to Concrete, No One But I

Robert Pollard - The original heart

Track Listing:
01 The Original Heart
02 The Blondes
03 1 Years Old
04 Gratification To Concrete
05 No One But I
06 Weatherman And Skin Goddess
07 Confessions Of A Teenage Jerk-Off
08 To The Path!
09 Western Centipede
10 Wealth And Hell Being

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