Radiohead - The Best Of - 2008

A two disc best of album from one of the most overrated English band. This is their first best of thing. I know very well that their music campany does it. All the classic Radiohead songs can be found here.

Radiohead - True love waits

01. Just
02. Paranoid Android
03. Karma Police
04. Creep
05. No Surprise
06. High And Dry
07. My Iron Lung
08. There There
09. Lucky
10. Optimistic
11. Fake Plastic Tree
12. Idioteque
13. 2+2 = 5
14. The Bends
15. Pyramid Song
16. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
17. Everything In Its Right Place
01. Airbag
02. I Might Be Wrong
03. Go To Sleep
04. Let Down
05. Planet Telex
06. Exit Music (For A Film)
07. The National Anthem
08. Knives Out
09. Talk Show Host
10. You
11. Anyone Can Play Guitar
12. How To Disappear Completely
13. True Love Waits


beatmaster23 on 11:20 am said...

this is all good for someone who just got into radiohead. for the rest of us, it's really not worth it even if all the songs had been remastered (which i think they didn't do). had all these been other versions or remixes (do they even exist?), i would have run to the shop and pay whatever for this release. i think it could end up being a major flop for EMI.

Anonymous said...

Just a revenge move from EMI, couldn't handle the loss of this GREAT BAND.

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