Maps - The Wick And The Fire (2008)

Rating: 2.5/10
Maps' the most embrassing, spotty record i've heard. The Wick And The Fire is totally trash, my headaches are growing, because this experimental shit sounds work of some college students who don't know how to play guitar. If you try to make bizarre music, you should put something interesting to it at least. You can make a lot of noise in the name of music, but it should has some crucial sections. I want my wasted time back! This is not good, but the previous record wasn't good too. Who listen to this? Some independent movie companies?

MM picks: Reverse Telescope, Synergy

Maps - Failure Of Constancy


Chris-MAPS said...

hey, thanks for your review, if you can call it that. you obviously don't listen to this genre of music much, so instead of trying to understand it, you decided to call it trash and shit. you really couldn't think of something better could you? maybe you should look at your writing skills, now those are shit.

bulut on 8:19 am said...

i listen this genre of music, but this record goes nowhere.

Kidplastik on 5:10 am said...

i love Maps, and i was skeptical of your review at first, but if the rest of the album is like that track you may be right.

Chris-MAPS said...

kidplastik... the track listed is only an intro to the album. if you want to hear album tracks, you can hear five of them at

Meesh on 4:24 am said...

Wow. What a harsh review. I completely disagree. It's not trash. I think there are some really great moments on this album. I like "Ambuscade", "Breathing Water" (especially around 2:40 through to the end - I love that groove right there!), "Spread My Love With A Knife" may only be about two and half minutes long, but it's beautiful. I really can't say I dislike any of the tracks on this album.

Anonymous said...

you don't have a clue, enough said
the alchemy of economy is my favorite song on the album btw

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