Quiet Life - Act Natural

Quiet Life is also title of a Japan song from 80s, and that song was totally haunting. This band is quite far from David Sylvian's Japan, though. The United States based band's members are Sean Spellman, Ryan Spellman, Craig Rupert, Paul Dutton. Folk Rock and Indie Rock maybe sound very overal together. Actually, Folk rock is always a boring style with its lyrics or form. The band's debut "Act Natural" opens the scene pretty good, this first high flying song "Trying To Get Home" turn you on. Then, it becomes soul destroying. I don't know why i'm writing about for this band. Maybe it's because of some songs are full blooded here. Act Natural gives an slobbish impression at times. Or, I don't like Bright Eyes kind of music very much. If you consider four good track that i picked below, these are only energetic songs in the album.

MM picks: Trying To Get Home, Every Dime, Did You Love Me, Head in the Clouds
Rating: 7/10
download "Nightime": www.myspace.com/quietlife


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