The Music - Strength In Numbers (2008)

I was searching about this record. First of all the album title isn't rare, there are lots of Strength In Numbers by other artists. As for The Music, some of their songs are listenable pop songs. I consider them as a pop band, because their previous music provides many obtainable beats. Four years before album "Welcome To The North" is not even memorable for me. I forgot all of the songs, and have never listened for a long time. Now, here it comes new album, but i again won't check their previous songs. I found a review at new community The music magazine.It seems a bit overcharge to me. This record is not shit, it's not a rare thing, though. The vocals are exhausted. I also have no idea about their sound.

The Music - Strength In Numbers


Stanko Zeljak said...

I find this to be a poor review, The Music's last is a fine piece of work. Im responding to this because IF ANYONE LANDS HERE VIA GOOGLE ID HAVE THEM READ WHAT I WROTE INSTEAD OF WHAT YOUD DID. With all due respect, you seem to be a bit uninvolved. Refering to the music as a popband is not really wrong, but your comments about the album title, their debut album and the way you experienced their new work show that you lack something that everyone discussing music should have in my opinion, and that is patience and the relevance of grasping context. Surely you should choose words more carefully when discussing something as delicate as music. Anyway, let me offer a variant to what you wrote that goes a bit beyond the new album.
I've been involved with The Music from the first time I heard a track of theirs back in 03, take the long road and walk it. That's from that album that you don't remember that well. Their debut is in my opinion one of the most honest, engrossing,orgasmic, epic, organic (in the sense that it feels like listening to something that is essentially a part of you, and happens to be pouring in from the outside), bouncy, energetic, BADASS, original albums that I have ever heard. I put it up there there with radiohead, incubus, pearl jam, metallica, hendrix, RATM, nirvana or anything you can come up with that has quality and has been distinictive in some way. You say you heard it all before, somewhere, and that may well be, I don't know what you have been listening to. But to me, coming from a very light diet of rock (as you might have guessed in my reference to other bands) the music simply reach out to me on a level I haven't experienced before. I don't listen to thousands of bands, I am very selective. I will give everything a shot and if it doesn't offer a distinctive quality I will put it aside. I listen to leaders, not to generic products, and in my opinion The Music still have a distinctive quality. A mixture of emotion, energy and honesty blended with good engaging melodies make The Music a quality act. Unsurpassably good live, with Adam's and Rob's talent, they are much more than you make them out to be. The new album is not to be compared to a one bit meal eventhough it seems like something you either like or not the first time you hear it. The tracks are not too complicated, but the sense of it only becomes apparent after engaged and baggage free listening. Sit down, have a cup of tea, a cooky and look outside of your window (to the skies if nothing else) while listening to this one. Me, I like being on the road sporting my big expensive headphones, the volume reasonably up, listening to anything what these boys did over the years (and unfortunately thats not a lot).

(THIS IS WHERE THE ACTUAL REVIEW STARTS) Strength in Numbers has neatly packed quality songs, times 12 (if you have the standard version) They all feel very intimate and will invade your personal space within a few listens. The songs are mainly kept under the 4 minute mark and follow a pleasant listenable pace. The melodies feel like something any well known band could have offered, but in the distinctive, sort of uncut gem form, that the music offers. Personally, I have a few favourites, but the album is a good whole and there is no need to skip tracks, it's all nicely done. Robert has been singing very nicely and eloquently on this one, his thoughts and voice are razor sharp (particularly on the spike, yeah its ironic I know). At times STRENGTH IN NUMBERS sounds as sexy as things can get, it has a serious edge, and also offers the energy that The Music are known for. It has songs that are very radio fit, but likely, it won't make it to the radio because it does take a few listens to understand the appeal of it, as I mentioned before. The first single, strength in numbers, is by no means the best track, quite frankly, the quality of the album progresses the farther you go, and strength in numbers is track one (yes, correct, imo, the weakest).
There are a few moments on the album that you feel like they could have done this or that better, but once your ear knows whats coming next, you easily go over those bits and pieces, knowing that it will be jsut fine in a mo. The cd concludes with a ballad, a nice one, but not better than Coldplay does them. However, what comes after is something that brings you back to the roots of the music, the pure orgasmic, space filling wall of sound, eventhough it doesn't really top the stuff from the first cd, it gives you a hint of what they used to be about.

To conclude, the music have made another fine record, one that will bring a smile on my face, or that affirmative nodding with a smile tied to my face still. I recomend it to all.


The thing with the music is that for some reason they don't appeal to big numbers. Why? I have an idea but I'll keep that for myself. So To everyone... guys.. GIVE THE MUSIC A GO... THEIR WORK IS SOMETHING THAT WILL GIVE YOU THAT LITTLE OF EXTRA ON THOSE DAYS WHEN YOU'RE JUST BEING OUTTHERE, LOST AND UNFOCUSED, DISTRACTED AND BURDENED. THEY WILL PEAK AND COMFORT. THEY WILL NOT TAKE YOU TO A NEW LEVEL OF CONSCIENCE BUT THEY WILL FILL GAPS OF INMEASURABLE PROPORTIONS. I mean it, just give them a go, and you will not regret it. They have a range of tunes fitting all the moods, so I rerally suggest you get the other two records too! Really!


bulut on 11:23 am said...

you shouldnt put The Music in the same line with radiohead, incubus, pearl jam, metallica, hendrix, RATM, nirvana. there are thousands of good records out there, and i didnt say that this is trash. its an avarage pop record, you like it, and i dont.

Sam Bill Gill on 8:18 pm said...

Incubus, Pearl Jam and Metallica are all shit. The Music may not be the best band ever, but they make decent music. Don't have a cow, man.

Anonymous said...

I'm with sam and the other guy on this, a very good album in my eyes!!!
really good live aswell.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, both these reviews are terrible. The first is poorly-phrased and underdeveloped. The other is pure fanboyism.

Don't give up your day jobs people, and wait for trusted reviews from AllMusic, Onion AV club and pitchfork.

Jarock on 9:21 pm said...

Hopefully you'll find this review fair and honest : )

it's on my blog as well but this is where it was published.


stanko zeljak said...

Hey, I went as far as giving a heartfelt reflection on this, I knew that the guy didn't do them justice (by the way he handled it I can't imagine him giving justice to anything really) and that it had to be corrected.
Did I go over the top?
Yes, it was too personal.

andy1690 on 12:09 am said...

The Music are the dogs balls, if you have not heard them they are definetly worth giving a go.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether or not English is your first language, Bulut, but your review is poorly written, over-opinionated and is totally lacking in any incisive analysis. As someone else said, Don't Give Up the Day Job.

As to "Welcome to the North" it was one of the freshest albums of the year, and some of the songs were memorable and powerful, largely justifying the hype that saw the band being compared with Led Zeppelin - albeit a dance-influenced Led Zepp that was off its face on Ecstasy.

The problem with the new album, in my opinion, is that it's recognisably the Music, in style and competence, but lacks the killer tunes and extraordinary optimism and uplift that made the first two albums special. This sounds like a bunch of unreleased fillers left over from older recording sessions.

That said, it stomps cheerfully on any of the other dance/rock nu-rave stuff from Kasabian or the Klaxons.

The Music are better experienced live, and it will be interesting to see how the new material works in that context.

This is a reasonable album, but I can't really imagine playing this in preference to their eponymous debut or Welcome to the North - let alone my audio rip of their DVD "Welcome to Japan", which shows them to the fullest advantage.

bulut on 5:00 pm said...

just dont, please do not tell me what to do. i only share my ideas with my poor english on this blog. Now look at the sidebar!!! there are almost 1000 readers, go and tell them "why do you read this blog?"! let me answer, because i like "music" and they love music as much as i do. You can say whatever you want, i know you are fan of the band The music. But, believe me this record is barely worth a listen. Who cares about my language or my daily job. Please go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Go fuck yourself?"

It's hardly Oscar Wilde, is it? Is that your idea of witty badinage, or do you think that it demonstrates how articulate you are?

Oh dear. You show yourself to be ignorant and stupid, as well as lacking in the wit and intelligence to provide any useful critical analysis of music.

"This record is not shit, it's not a rare thing, though. The vocals are exhausted."

With that level of review you wouldn't get a job on the Beano, mate.

Nearly 1,000 readers, eh? About what you'd expect with google and blog aggregators, plus a few folk like me who will come back to laugh at your risible grammar and spelling, your kindergarten musical criticism, and your risible attempts at reviews. They're really quite funny, though clearly not intentionally.

You're a joke.

bulut on 6:37 am said...

other good reviews:,,2285022,00.html

i'm not the only onw ;)

Anonymous said...

Thought this was an awful review. Absolutely nothing to it. Fine, you don't like it, support that opinion then. Where's the attack on the lyrics or on music itself? Poor review. Nothing touches 'The Music'. 'Welcome to the North' was pretty poor, but still had several tunes. This album is a grower, there's no doubt about it. Took me a few days, but I love it now. Judge them when and if you're ever lucky enough to see them live. Supreme

Carlota said...

bulut you're so pathetic, if you had any self confidence, you wouldnt de defending your review like you are, anyway i dont have much to tell you, you dont seem to be a person worth spending time on.

to the rest of the readers, i think its a great album, it was worth waiting for. the music is one of the most original bands i've ever heard, no one sounds like them.

"The music simply reach out to me on a level I haven't experienced before. I don't listen to thousands of bands, I am very selective. I will give everything a shot and if it doesn't offer a distinctive quality I will put it aside"
stanko zeljak i dont think anyone could have said it any better, like someone reading my mind.... nothing else to say

Kenny Carwash on 2:53 pm said...

What an awful review, it's bad enough that he didn't bother at least refreshing his memory with a few key tracks from the earlier records but I'm not sure he even listened to this one properly before writing it off.

What's the point in writing a review if you aren't going to put any effort in?

Anonymous said...

I personally love 'the music' and i thought that their first album was by far the best, their second album, although it was still a good album i think it was lacking something that the first had, or maybe they went for a different sound. Even still i am a great fan of their new work, top-notch album.

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