My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand Shark's Teeth

I wanted to mention about A Thousand Shark's Teeth, but i hadn't enough time to listen to it. however the opener track "Inside A Boy" deserves a strong mention. Opener and first single “Inside A Boy” is classic Diamond, slippery guitars meet with gorgeous strings and Shara’s powerhouse voice. Meloncholy and Noise are in the same garden of music, you can like or not, but the guitar chords and sweetest vocal performance gets value for my ears. I want to sing with her everytime i play this song. Solid!

My Brightest Diamond - Inside A Boy


Anonymous said...

I've been surfing the web to find some new good music and I found this guy named Eric Solomon. He's like a mix of Jason Mraz and Chris Daughtry. His songs are good! You should check out his songs at

Annah UK said...

This is a long shot, but I hope you could help me. I am looking for a music video from 2002 or 2003, but unfortunately I only remember parts of the music video. I think the band consists of maybe 4-5 guys and the singer has black hair and some kind of goatee. The video was frequently shown at muchmusic/MTV in North America during 202/2003

The video:
A young, (dark-haired?) woman is walking down the aisle towards her husband-to-be (outdoors ceremony at a cliff close to the ocean). Along the way she makes out with one or more wedding guests. Suddenly she starts running and jumps of a cliff only to wake up in her bed and discover that it was only a dream. However, her wedding dress is lying on the chair in her bedroom…

Could you maybe give me a clue about the name of the group and the track? Thanks!!

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