Melvins - Houdini

My posts light your way pop to rock, r&b to soul, avant-garde to metal music. I don't like those categories, i only listen to music as if it's original without leaving the main idea. When it comes to your favorite records or bands, it's not easy to count all of them with less words. However i can say that Melvins is the most unique band makes me love black music, hard music, guitar solos and darkness. Houdini offers flawless play to your ears, it's not fulfilled with moanings like in some exhausting type of metal music that they call death metal, black metal. Goin' Blind which was written previously by Gene Simmons (of Kiss) is Houdini's keytrack with Honey Bucket and amazing closing track Spread Eagle Beagle. Do yourself a favor, and have Houdini!
Melvins - Goin' Blind


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