Diamanda Galas - Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

With her explosive, four-octave voice has found regularly darker themes, Diamanda Galás performs Guilty Guilty Guilty (2008) ; a new live music collection of tragic and homicidal love songs and death songs, from O. V. Wright’s 8 Men And 4 Women to Timi Yuro’s Time; and Johnny Cash’s Long Black Veil to Edith Piaf’s Heaven Have Mercy. Don't wait for full moon to be afraid, Galas brings the most gruesome atmosphere with her imponderable vocals. She's been described as "capable of the most unnerving vocal terror", you want more?
Diamanda Galas - 8 Men And 4 Women


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VBR V2, mp3, here:

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Sybarite on 12:33 am said...

Ha, Galas ! ... ~ Nice to stumble upon this !
Never before had I heard (nor will I again, I'm sure) a more powerful, visceral and haunting (haunting ? hell, damned terrifying) voice like hers. And with a full range like it's soprano, mezzosoprano, contralto, and even baritone, BUT almost all simultaneously. ( No mean feat !) ... Just totally unique and UTTERLY Magnificently jaw-dropping !
Coming out of one of her live shows, (once you've composed yourself and are actually able to stand ;o) you leave totally exhausted. Feeling both like you've just been "bugger-raped" senseless, body and soul. Yet equally completely cleansed, content and both electrified and numb thru & thru.
(Though now in her "more advanced" age, her shows are much more pared down, as on this GGG album. (though still just as powerful !).

In a single word : INCOMPARABLE !

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