R.E.M. - Accelerate

Accelerate draws a line around the same circle, dazzling guitar driven, it sometimes calls lush pop melodies, sweet sugars, playful like what R.E.M. was since they've began playing their music.

Accelerate can be black at times. Cover looked quite dirty to me, as if this was not pop rock. If it was Gutter Twins (Greg and Mark's new lineup) record, that cover would be ok. I think Accelerate sounds sweet, but cover leech its energy. Stipe lyrics ,where R.E.M. fans will enjoy, are clever as always. I think you heard the first single, Supernatural Superserious. And the whole record rounds around that kind of dynamic guitars, yes rock power! I don't want to be a cranky boy giving a rating to this under 5 out of 10. This record can be rated as avarage like 6/10. Dull!

Back to Accelerate, One of the best thing about Accelerate is that the songs are so tight together. It gets your attention to some catchy guitar sections like in the song Sing For The Submarine. A perfect R.E.M. formula, i liked that song so much, sharp! Accelerate makes a noise, grab it!

MM picks: Supernatural Superserious, Accelerate, Sing For The Submarine

R.E.M. - Accelerate


Anonymous said...

You are having a laugh this is the best REM album since new adventures!!!

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