Tindersticks - The Hungry Saw - Review

The Hungry Saw
Once you discover Tindersticks, you will play their music for a long time. Romanticism is the greatest gift God gave to us. Some people think that they are not romantic because they haven’t discovered it yet. You might need a spark to wake this emotion. Watch old movies like Casablanca , Woody Allen's Manhattan, or the two romantic masterpieces of Richard Linklater, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise...and listen to Tindersticks' albums. They were one of the most original and distinctive British acts of the '90s. They're quite different, both original and bizarre, but definitely one of the most romantic bands in the world.

The album, The Hungry Saw is a good example of complex song writing and educated music. Stuart   ll Staples wrote most of the songs. In 2007, three of the original band, Staples, Boulter and Fraser, spent time writing and recording in a newly equipped studio in Limousin, France. They were joined by Thomas Belhom on drums and Dan McKinna on bass, with Ian Caple engineering. This record is as good as any Tindersticks album. ‘All The Love’ and ‘Yesterday Tomorrows’ are two brilliant keytracks without doubt. Moreover the soundtrack-like ‘Feel The Sun’ is their favourable best new love ballad. 'E Type' is joyful and has wonderful tunes. This Nottingham based critically acclaimed band again proves themselves. A modern classic.

MM picks: Yesterday Tomorrows, Feel The Sun, E Type, The Other Side Of The World, Boobar

Tinderstick - The Flicker Of A Little Girl


Anonymous said...

They were not a British act. This band is from Australia!

Ass Hat on 6:27 pm said...

wrong again, mister anonymous.

good album.

bulut on 6:31 pm said...

sure they're British.

Anonymous said...

Before Sunset and Before Sunrise are NOT movies by Sofia Coppola. IMDB is your friend.

bulut on 11:14 am said...

thanks corrected . i think Lost in translation and virgin suicides was on my mind:)

Dead Bees on a Cake said...

I LOVE Tindersticks' music, especially their 3 first albums though.. I don't like when a frontman domines the piucture and the music, I hope the last album would be a good addition to their music. I'm sorry that 3 musicans dropped out... what I like about Tindersticks -before their vocals or lyrics- is their music, they are (or were?) awesome musicians and I hope ther're still. thx for the review

liveon35mm.com on 9:56 am said...

Tinderstick are not from Australia. Hungry Saw is actually a good album, unfortunately not as good as the first two.

I am going to photograph them on saturday at the RFH so be ready to see their live pics on liveon35mm.com

Well done, nice site!

Anonymous said...

This the Tidersticks 7th Album...
They're from Nottingham, and it's swonnishly wonderful they have survived the loss of Dickon, to take their smokey glory in new mournful directions.

Good review. Posters get your rough facts right!

Anonymous said...

This is an English Group from England, this Album is great considering it is their first effort in a long time. I saw them live in Toronto and they were great....

One shouldn't compare albums when a group has spanned such a long time period as the Tindersticks have

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