Breeders - Mountain Battles

Amazing and unique 90s alternative rock band returns after a six-year absence. Mountain Battles will be released on 07 April 2007. I gave my first listening to the new record, it's sure a complicated, dark, strange and deeply rocking record. Mountain Battles does not disappoint Breeders fan, and they also shouldn't expect another "Last Splash". This is good, and i'm sure you'll enjoy music. The song named with Istanbul got my whole attention, because the song takes the name from city where i live at the moment, a very original tune at the same time. You should check out Mountain Battles, if you like rock music both original and creative. Kim's unique voice is already a main reason to hear this.
MM picks: We're Gonna Rise, Spark, Istanbul

The Breeders - Night Of Joy


harold hollingsworth on 11:20 am said...

looking forward to the return, thanks for posting a song! Spring is on!

danny said...

I'm so glad Kim keeps the Breeders going! Looking forward to this record!

speaker on 5:49 am said...

this song is great!

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