Xiu Xiu - Women As Lovers

One of my recent favorite bands Xiu Xiu records another awesome thing, which is named "Women as Lovers", and included with a new Under Pressure (Queen&Bowie) cover. Honestly i first listened up this amazing cover, it's been an extra ordinary and successful version than any other Under Pressure covers. If you consider listening previous untouchable, deep and unapproachable Xiu Xiu albums, this album is more reachable than any of them. It's full of emotion, and i really have to appreciate these tracks, each of them is charming. I can't say that this is the best expression of Xiu Xiu's sad music, but Jamie Stewart's confrontational vocals are the best for sure. With this new album, i can say this the best new music. My song picks are: Gayle Lynn, Master of the bump, No friend oh!, The Leash, Under Pressure feat. Michael Gira.

Xiu Xiu - Gayle Lynn
Xiu Xiu - Under Pressure feat. Michael Gira
[Queen&Bowie cover] *removed by label request

Xiu Xiu - I do what i want when i want

Xiu Xiu - Remixed & Covered


Anonymous said...

This album is fascinating. Def my fav since Fab Muscles... Oh Lord, I love "No friend oh!" the brass is so gorgeous. White Nerd was a stand out track as well as well as the single... but a great album. ****

Anonymous said...

This album is terrible. Boring. Goes nowhere. Overlong. Etc. As Xiu Xiu keeps adding band members (remember when it was just Jamie and he's play these sparse, lonely, confrontational solo shows? AMAZING) and keep approaching the mainstream, their music gets worse and worse. Every album has been worse than the one before it with this album being their only one I can safely say is just straight-up "awful".

More and more every day, I'm reminded why people are saying Scissor Shock (whose "Tease the Skeleton" was pretty much one of the only good albums released in 2007 -- buy it before it goes out of print) is the only band creating good, innovative EXPERIMENTAL music. Xiu Xiu wants to be taken seriously now, which is ridiculous: "A-I-D-S, H-I-V, I CAN'T WAIT TO DIE!!!!" How is that ever going to be taken seriously? Oh wait, now they just sing vague sentiments about love and have the chick in the band go "Doo doo doo doo". Awful.

bulut on 1:15 pm said...

hey anonymous,
it's obvious that you don't like the new album, take it or leave it... You know, there is nothing worse than having no opinion. thank you for your comment.

Divinyl on 12:27 pm said...

I think this new album is great...as you say, Xiu Xiu have been unapproachable for many with their previous offerings. I really like their work and, for me, this doesn't feel like too much of a compromise (or I wouldn't have blogged about it myself!).

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