Morrissey - That's How People Grow Up

"That's How People Grow Up" is a 2008 single by british singer/songwriter Morrissey. The song will be appear in his forthcoming Greatest Hits album. Long time Morrissey fellow musician Boz Boorer is making this his first Morrissey single since Satan Rejected My Soul, from Maladjusted (1997). The song also features Kristeen Young, who appeared most of moz's 2006/2007 tours, on vocals.

"That's How People Grow Up" doesn't surprise you, if you're long time Morrissey fan like me. On the other hand that doesn't mean the single is a bad song. The melody works great, it's just as same as any previous near future Morrissey single. Moz has nothing to prove, but we expect to see stronger vision of his art, don't we?

Morrissey - That's How People Grow Up


Anonymous said...

I feel a sense of sadness after having heard this song for the first time. Don't give up. You are loved.

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