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1. Britney Spears - Piece Of Me
That wasn't a joke when i said Blackout as my best new music. I'm loving the record, well-done pop music.

2. Stephen Malkmus - Baltimore

3. Morrissey - That's How People Grow Up

4. Missy Elliott - Ching-A-Ling
Get out of way, Missy is coming! I used to be Missy Elliott fan!
Stream: Missy Elliott - Ching-A-Ling

5. The Magnetic Fields - Three Way
Distortion is the new album, and Three Way is a great song from this album.
Check it out @

This week our flashback music video is:
Stephen Malkmus - Baby C'monif you wonder my opinions about his new record Real Emotional Trash, i'll post it as soon as i finish my twelve listening.


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