Great Indie, Alternative Rock Music

These are mostly indie rock records in their own original style. What i mean is, you can find great original tracks on each of these such as: Discotrax by Ladytron, Higher Than the Sun by Primal Scream or crushing girl group anthem Love Love Love by The Organ . For example Ladytron features amazing female vocals with sad electronic beats. The National could be excellent with bottle of wine or Screamadelica is one of the most original record of all time. These are bonafide records. You can download full songs using rapidshare links, but don't forget it's illegal and i'll delete them soon.
Music of Love:

The National - Alligator
This is the first album i have heard from The National. I must say that I am very impressed.

Ladytron - 604

Elliott Smith - Roman Candle
Elliott Smith is a complete master. although each of his albums continually grow musically, this first album absolutely takes the cake. The beautiful acoustic quality makes it powerful and raw. His voice is a gorgeous whisper with a sickening amount of emotion behind it.

The Organ - Grab That Gun

Gene - Olympian

Wolfgang Press - The Legendary Wolfgang Press & Other Stories

Klaus Nomi - Simple Man
Klaus Nomi was a genious. Because he combined two different styles in one direction, and his voice was totally artistic talent, a god-given present.

Low - Things We Lost In the Fire

Primal Scream - Screamadelica


bulut on 6:42 pm said...

if it asks pass, it's :

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the Klaus Nomi!
He was a friend of one of my brothers in NYC back in the 1980s, and he was an amazing singer who died much too soon. Thanks for helping people to remember Klaus!

kruz said...

tasty music, do you have any other Ladytron cds? thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Simple Man record.
Im a digger for beats, and Ive been looking for this a LONG time.

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for alligator - but whats the password? :/

Anonymous said...

many many thx for the nomi package.

Anonymous said...

WOW, thanks for "simple man" uplod! nomi: independent as can be!! love his music and show, pitty, he has died so early!!

Tim A Martin on 3:06 pm said...

Great reviews! I have so much to get caught up on. Be sure to check out upcoming interview with rocker Aaron Crawford! I have a preview on my blog. Thanks!

Album fotografico matrimonio on 12:06 pm said...

Rockinstroll blogspot. tasty music. Thanks for alligator. Really a very good post.

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