The Bluetones - Expecting to Fly

The Bluetones is completely different for me, i play their Bluetonic, Talking to Clarry, Things Change and other great songs from their best effort Expecting to Fly at times. You'll love this Britpop band with this one of 90s excellent record. Ok, sing along with amazing solo guitar on beginning of Bluetonic, it's a real rock song. When you feel those unexplainable passions inside of you, i think you find rock music there. It's not about guitar, noise or another material. It's absolutely about living that moment with a certain smile on your face like The Bluetones sings on their song, Bluetonic. "Expecting to Fly", which is a presentation of brilliant british rock sound with many delicious moments on guitar chords, had reached to the top of the charts upon its release in early 1996. You see that colourful artwork, the record is as beautiful as that bird's amazing tail. Thank you The Bluetones!

The Bluetones - Talking to Clarry
The Bluetones - Bluetonic


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