Top 5 Rock Singles

The MM presents the new music of love! Enjoy, have a drink!

New Singles

1. Destroyer - Foam Hands
Destroyer's Rubies was one of the best record of last year. It was very beautiful listenning Rubies in hot summer nights. Lush guitar harmonies, Dan Bejar's bitter voice, and a little artist dust are the main reason why i believed in this name. Foam Hands is another perfect piece which blow my mind. I hope it makes the same impact on you.

2. Eric Matthews - Little 18
Oh Eric Matthews, it's the single name that i'll recognize everytime i hear that words 'charming pop music'. Yes he did great job with new song Little 18, one of the greatest melancholic tune of this year, of course along with Chris Conelly's Every Ghost Has An Orchestra.

3. Les Savy Fav - Brace Yourself

4. Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor [Youtube Video]

5. British Sea Power - Waving Flags [Youtube Video]
It's very nice song, i loved it so much. The previous songs of the list are better, though. I try to filled up lists with best new singles around. In my opinion, this week rocks!

Flashback Video!Blur - Parklife


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