The Shins

In the late 1990s, the Albuquerque indie-rock band Flake Music morphed into the Shins, led by vocalist-guitarist James Mercer. Upon the release of 2001's Oh, Inverted World, the Shins garnered a landslide of critical acclaim with their amiable, 1960s-influenced power-pop. Subsequent touring further raised the group's profile, and their eagerly awaited sophomore album, Chutes Too Narrow, revealed another set of clever and quirky pop-rock ditties. James Mercer's voice has also grown in strength. James Mercer really knows now just where to bring a certain tone to the song to hit you right in the heart. The Shins had never before hit higher than number 86 on the Billboard charts, but i love them and they're surely one of the best 2000s indie rock bands.

The Shins - Australia (Wincing the Night Away 2007)
The Shins - Young Pilgrams (Chutes Too Narrow 2003)
The Shins - Caring is Creepy (Oh, Inverted World 2001)

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