Love Is All - Love Is All Mixed Up

2008 mini album featuring a selection of remixes of songs from their debut album Nine Times That Same Song, reinterpreted by their contemporaries. This remixes can be my winter dance favorites. Because they sound so good. Felt Tip (Hot Chip Remix) combines beauty of female voice and space beats, the song is really a masterpiece with the saxophone final. The Bees deliver a tough and straight up Funk version of 'Make Out Fall Out Make Up'. Othercontributions include Metronomy's killer mix of 'Spinning And Scratching' and Tapedeck's DIY Rave take on 'Busy Doing Nothing' plus other stunning remixes by Chicken Lips, Optimo, Maps, Fryars and Studio. Parlophone. Without doubt, Love Is All Mixed Up can be highly recommended to every independent electronic music listener as best new music. Every song in this record sound professionally good.

Love is All - Felt Tip (Hot Chip Remix) MM pick!
Love is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up (Bees version)


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