Ray Davies - Working Man's Cafe - Review

Rating: 8.5/10
I'm very happy, because here comes a great rock record from one of my favorite artists eighteen months after releasing his first ever solo album. Ray Davies, the man who beyond the famous British invasion band The Kinks. His previous "Other People's Lives"! is already included in my favorites of 2006.

Working Man’s CafĂ© is Ray Davies’ third album. By the way, do i need to mention about his success on The Kinks? I thought so, if i will mention bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones on this blog, you can shot me down. But, Ray Davies, as a solo artist needs good feed from all cool critics. I read Guardians' review, and Blogcritics' review where they know how to write reviews, and they know which bands or artists they should speak in praise of. Alright, this is a great record, one of his bests, well-written, guitar driven, exploring and glimmering. I don't even know how to say which song is good or bad. You need to listen the whole record, it completely gets your mind every new spin. I love his relax voice, yes i really love his works.

Ray Davies - Vietnam Cowboys
Ray Davies - You're Asking Me

MM Song picks: In A Moment, No One Listen, Imaginary Man


Chris // Vitriol I.D. on 12:22 am said...

He's a really great artist. I haven't heard the entire album yet, but I will at some point.

I caught some of that gig on TV where he did a song with the guy from Razorlight, and experience definitely won over youth.

The Razorlight guy isn't the worst of this bunch (Docherty is by far. Bloc Party aren't high up on my list either), but he's not what I'd call a talent.

I'm still surprised at the UK music industry, and the media that surrounds it at making this breed of watered-down, throwback mob of lad-rock.... er.. dudes part of our daily news.

But I digress. Apologies, I must take a chill pill.


bill on 4:00 am said...

Thanks for the excellent review. 'In A Moment', and 'Imaginary Man' are all top-notch. Got Give the Man a Break!

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