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1. Shins – Sea Legs
I love The Shins, even if i don't like their Wincing The Night Away which was their the weakest record. Sea Legs is a catchy track, though.

2. Estelle - Wait a Minute
the first artist to sign to John Legend record label has more than Just a Touch of talent. This girl, Estelle reminded me TLC's Lisa Left Eye Lopez,
Rest in peace Liza.

3. The National - Apartment Story [Youtube Video]
The National are one of our champions with their drunken indie rock sound.

4. Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica [Youtube Video]

5. Justice - D.A.N.C.E [Youtube Video]

6. Alicia Keys - No-One [Youtube Video]
From her upcoming album "As I Am", Alicia Keys touches to heart of pop music lovers once again. Strong voice makes meaningful those simple lyrics, a really great voice.

7. Jape - Floating [Youtube Video]
This song was originally released in 2004 on Jape's album 'The Monkeys In The Zoo Have More Fun Than Me'.

8. Paul McCartney – Ever Past Present [Youtube Video]
Sounds like a Crap at times! Don't ask what does this mean. I'm never going to listen this song again.

9. Seal - Amazing [Youtube Video]
Unfortunately a good voice becomes the victim of bad sounds and lyrics, this won't be charming, neither good.

10. Dizzee Rascal - Flex (live concert video)

Flashback Video:
TLC - Waterfalls
A classic hit from "Crazysexycool" in 1994.


mo on 11:59 pm said...

hey, ´like your site very much!
-it was one of the first music-blogs i discovered a year ago by google something..
check my mixtape-blog

bulut on 6:43 am said...

Hey Mo,
Great tracks from great independent artists, most of all i liked your artworks, pretty professional.

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