The Fiery Furnaces

I was having good time with some of my friends. I don't know if told you about my music obsession when i'm outside. Ha! It's just like being hungry. Simply i'm hungry for music even if i'm at bus, at a restaurant or bar. Well i'm looking for my cds like a little kid. Let's back to my story, i was having good time, talking, laughing, eating. Suddenly something help me to realize the song on my mp3 player. My Egyptian Grammar by The Fiery Furnaces, and i took my mp3 player from my bag, and put the headphones, started to listening in front of my friends. One of my friends was like a little duck which wants to attack to a white dressed pride. That was so funny, and this was the necessary influence of this band. I couldn't explain this, even i'd tried to advice for a The Fiery Furnaces listen to them. No sir, they really don't know anything about music. That was joke, go and listen your music. I loveeeeee this so much! One of the best indie rock bands in last ten years.

The Fiery Furnaces - The Philadelphia Grand Jury
The Fiery Furnaces - Duplexes Of The Dead


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