Enon - Grass Geysers Carbon Clouds - Review

Rating: 9/10
Enon could be one of the most interesting bands of indie rock era, but, they only continued releasing some nice records, and unfortunatelly they couldn't reach to any gold status. If you listen to their music, you'll say what make White Stripes, The Killers or Coldplay more famous than this great rock band. They sound like crap most of time, however everybody say they're good! I want to say thing gets worse years by years on music industry. They are not able to sell many records like in the past years, live performances became the main way to earn money. And they need some backup to perform on cool places to reach more audience. I haven't recieved any mail from Enon' s record campany Touch & Go, but they should reach people like us who willing to write about these bands. Grass Geysers Carbon Clouds seems to be Enon's the most solid, danceable, loveable and enjoyable record. Sure, Believo! and High Society still exist in my favorite indie rock records archive, you should listen them!

Enon - Mirror On You
Enon - Dr. Freeze
Enon - Labyrinth

MM picks: Dr. Freeze, Law Of Johnny Dolittle, Mr. Ratatatatat


Katacultura on 4:31 pm said...

Hi Bulut,
do you listen the new BIIRDIE álbum, Catherine Avenue?
It´s Beautiful!

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