She Wants Revenge - This is Forever

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Los Angeles based dance rock duo She Wants Revenge are self-confident to expand their fans in the name of the sophomore effort This is Forever where many of them fixture influences appear. Yeah this is the extacly modern harvest of gothic bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus and plus to these synth pop's popular kids Depeche Mode. This is Forever borrows from Joy Divison classic record Closer, and you even want to listen again Decades, Twenty Four Hours, Sound of Music. This fits with their music well when She Want Revenge add glommy Ian Curtis vocals to their sound. It's not by chance finding great tracks like first single True Romance, Replacement and Written In Blood in the record. Worth a listen and sometimes it's fullfilled with energy, dark and romantism.

She Wants Revenge - Replacement (MM pick!)

True Romance Music Video


Anonymous said...

Dude, this reveiw makes no sense...
like literally....

bulut on 8:50 pm said...

but you tried reading at least, thank you:) I know i need a hard work on writing in English. The Main problem is i don't have enough time, enjoy the tunes.

lovecurse on 4:02 pm said...

Revenge heals all wounds some scientists say human beings are genetically wired for it. Dont feel guilty about the pain you are about to bestow on the one who hurt you, they deserve it. Take your time, contemplate the punishment to fit the crime and plot your moves. You will be healed of the silent fury that runs through your veins. Your sleepless nights and mental scars will fade.

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