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The MM Review
Rating: 8.0

Without doubt, In Rainbows will include in many the best of 2007 lists, because it came in right time with a right revolution that we can download the whole record paying how much we want to pay. Thom Yorke's first solo record came last year, The Eraser. It was quite far away from being an apparent record. Thanks to other members Greenwoods, Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway, and our depressed electronic boy Tom Yorke, this has been almost flawless record for the upcoming winter and autumn. There are many key tracks, and acustic sweets in, In Rainbows, you want to think about rains, rainbows, clouds and cold. Yep, this ain't a guitar driven, upbeat rock record. There is one thing missing In Rainbows that it sounds too heavy many times. However, don't expect too much from a band who created records like The Bends and Ok Computer at past. Etheral music in front of Yorke's painfull vocal sounds adorable at times. Once you've discovered the hypnotic opener 15 step, the following noisier piece Bodysnatchers, theatrical tune All I Need, there is no way out you'll love this record. Despite its nothing's new concept, everything is okey, nothing is spotty, this is the best Radiohead since OK Computer.

MM picks: 15 Step, All I need, Jigsaw Falling into Place

You can download the tunes from The Official In Rainbows


Anonymous said...

Was this review written by a consortium of monkeys? If so, its quite good.

Anonymous said...

this album is no where near kid A, amnesiac or even hail to the thief for that matter. the album is worth what i decided to pay for it... $0

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculously bad review. Almost comically bad.

Whatever. In Rainbows is a masterpiece.

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