HIM - Venus Doom

According to frontman Ville Valo, the ultimate goal was to concoct a sound that combined My Bloody Valentine's Loveless with Metallica's Master of Puppets, and it sounds good when they seem to grow on guitars, lyrics and cover art. This is one of the best H.I.M. record yet, because they don't sound like dark as their first record, and also they improved themselves that this is not shit like previous Dark Light, but it's heavy goth rock in other ways. This eighth album is one of the coolest hard release of the year. Tracks like Sleepwalking Past Hope, Love In Cold Blood and great rock song Passion's Killing Floor prove Venus Doom's success without no doubt. On "Sleepwalking Past Hope," melody and atmosphere take you to the right place where music fans will be satisfied.

HIM - Passion's Killing Floor


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