Control Soundtrack

The Killers cover the 1979 Joy Division song Shadowplay on the soundtrack. However, all live Joy Division performances in the film are performed by the actors. The actors contribute a cover of an original Joy Division song (Transmission) to the soundtrack. Incidental tracks by 1970s artists like David Bowie and the Sex Pistols are the original recordings. New Order provided the original incidental music for the soundtrack.

1. New Order - "Exit"
2. The Velvet Underground - "What Goes On"
3. The Killers - "Shadowplay" (Joy Division Cover)
4. Buzzcocks - "Boredom (Live)"
5. Joy Division - "Dead Souls"
6. Supersister - "She Was Naked"
7. Iggy Pop - "Sister Midnight"
8. Joy Division - "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
9. Sex Pistols - "Problems (Live)"
10. New Order - "Hypnosis"
11. David Bowie - "Drive In Saturday"
12. John Cooper Clarke - "Evidently Chickentown"
13. Roxy Music - "2H.B."
14. Joy Division - "Transmission" (Performed by the cast)
15. Kraftwerk - "Autobahn"
16. Joy Division - "Atmosphere"
17. David Bowie - "Warszawa"
18. New Order - "Get Out"


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