The Chromatics - In Shining Violence

Here's a Seattle based great indie rock band that i've just discovered, The Chromatics. Their robotic vocals can be so druggy and alcoholic. Somebody put their to oil some alcohol? Anyway, you'll love this record if you are interested in dark disco melodies.

Pitchfork says It's the best new music, don't believe to them!
Like labelmates Glass Candy, the Chromatics recently ditched their early aggro/noise-punk beginnings. Switching labels from the art-rock institution Troubleman Unlimited to the sleeker Italians Do It Better imprint (both founded by New Jersey resident Mike Simonetti), the trio's gone even darker, feeding sultry, minimal disco-punk through spidery horror flick synths and scuffed guitars. Debuting this sound on last year's Shining Violence CD-R, and continuing it on the retro-electro IDIB comp After Dark and a series of 12"s, Chromatics tighten up their songwriting on Night Drive, finally giving their desolate, shadow-lurking disco the melodic bite it only hinted at previously.

Chromatics - In the City
Chromatics - Lady (MM pick!)



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