Blind Melon's New Record

Thank you! I've been recieving a lot of great words from you about my reviews on these nice bands, musicians and dudes. Yes, I do write some things about them, but please consider that my only thing is listening music, and that's what it is. As for Blind Melon, i'd loved their 1995 release Soup, i still have it. Before this writing, i googled about their new album and the only thing that i've found is they recorded the new album with a new singer, Shannon Hoon, Blind Melon vocalist, died on a tour bus on October 21st in a hotel parking lot in New Orleans.

This new records sounds like any Blind Melon record, but the song named with Tumblin Down really makes me feel good, i loved it. Sorry i can't share it because sharing all the tracks on a famous blog like MM brings lots of trouble with it. It's not very hard to find, though. You can do a google search:) By the way, the new singer becomes Travis Warren.

Blind Melon - For My Friends
Blind Melon - With The Right Set Of Eye's


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