Best New Songs Top 20

This list almost took my four hours, can you imagine? First ten songs are easy to love, and the others are quite embarrassing in my view. I love making lists, and you should check this list to have a knowlage about best new singles.
New Singles

1. Of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit
Video for the new single "Gronlandic Edit" from the album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? Video produced by David Barnes and Nico Danger. Gronlandic is one of The MM's favorite songs from the year. I'll also make a top songs of the year list, keep reading and listening. Thank you Of Montreal, and God please bless them, Westlife and Oasis can't be my number one bands, i don't want to see days like these.

2. St Vincent – Jesus Saves I Spend [Youtube Video]

3. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love [Youtube Video]
Official 'Bleeding Love' music video for the soon to be superstar Leona Lewis! This voice recalls Mariah Carey's, and the song recalls her too. Anyway Leona is a brilliant singer.

4. Modest Mouse - People as Places as People [Youtube Video]

5. Young Knives – Terra Firma [Youtube Video]

6. Maximo Park - Karaoke Plays

7. Johnny Panic – Dislocation [Youtube Video]
Dislocation video from Johnny panic First single from 'The Good Fight.'

8. Beirut - My Night With the Prostitute From Marseille

9. Múm - Rhubarbidoo [Youtube Video]

10. Take That - Rule The World [Youtube Video]

11. Keane – The Night Sky [Youtube Video]

12. Liars – House Clouds

13. Kelly Clarkson - Don't Waste Your Time
Kelly Clarkson's new music video for the international release of her next single, "Don't Waste Your Time".

14. Thrills – The Midnight Choir [Youtube Video]

15. Sigur Rós - Hljomalind / Staralfur

16. The Thirst – Ready To Move [Youtube Video]

17. Avril Lavigne – Hot [Youtube Video]

18. Simply Red - The World And You Tonight
This is one of the worst Simply Red song.

19. Oasis - Lord Don't Slow Me Down [Youtube Video]
I don't have any idea about why old iconic bands turned to such boring headaches.

20. Westlife – Home [Youtube Video]
A comment from youtube 'i cant believe they have ruined one of my favorite song! why cant they fuck and record some original music for once' i think i can't make better than the comment. Yeah, Westlife continues to fuck all the great songs.

Alright! This Week's Flashback Video Is:
Soft cell - Entertain Me
A great song which
summarizes unlimited energy of beautiful and shiny 80s.


sickr said...

Brilliant, thanks for comprising such a hefty list. You're consistently providing us with top notch content, keep it up :)

Jason on 7:05 pm said...

Hey cool blog.

Of Montreal is sounding way different from the albums I used to have. I think they're from Athens, GA. I used to live a little outside Atlanta so I dug them pretty hard core as a teen.

I like this new stuff, just way different.

See ya.


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