Joni Mitchell's Shine

Shine is the seventeenth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell and was released on September 25, 2007 by Starbucks' Hear Music. Some says she's the single most important female singer-songwriter of the 20th Century, i say no one can be the only one. For me, every single artists come with their unique talents, and chosing a top between them isn't always true. It's not hard to think that Shine can't be like any previous classic Mitchell records. However great mellow tunes can be found on Shine, like amazing "If," or "Night Of The Iguana,", these are song for relaxing, lyrics are truly inspiring. That's the most beautiful side of her voice, it recalls peace back to my room.

Joni Mitchell - If (MM pick!)
Joni Mitchell - Strong And Wrong


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