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I wanna write here a comment that i like a lot from a reader on my "10 Greatest British Album Ever" post. I don't know, he's right about on what's he believes in, music which is so relative! here comes a small part of that comment:

'If I had to choose one album to define the soundtrack of my life, ‘Young Americans’ would be it: heartache, devastation, beauty, cynicism and drama contained in just eight songs; life’s rich tapestry in all its vacillating, disingenuous glory.'

Thank You, it's a great comment. And i wanna share Young Americans video with you.
David Bowie - Young Americans

New Singles

1. The Magic Numbers - "Undecided" EP

2. Editors - An End Has A Start

3. Beirut - A Sunday Smile

4. Midlake - Mornings Will Be Kind

5. Bonde do RolĂȘ - Solta o Frango

6. Black Lips - Katrina

7. Motion City Soundtrack - This Is For Real

8. Hot Hot Heat - Let Me In

9. Noisettes - The Count of Monte Cristo (live)

10. Shiny Toy Guns - Rainy Monday
As you know, we chosethe worst single of the week too, so number 10 becomes the worst video and song of the week! Watch out!

Video Flashback!
Space - Begin Again

Siouxsie's Into A Swan was the best new song on previous week!


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