Favorite songs for autumn

1. Cocteau Twins - Musette And Drums
One of the most flawless Cocteau piece, actually you can say every Cocteau Twins song is flawless. This timeless band, this timeless vocals of Elizabeth and her ex-Husband Robin Guthrie's dark guitar, oh no this band is truly timeless.

2. Bob Mould - Wishing Well
As being member one of the most influential American band Husker Du, Bob Mould has also released couple of great solo records. This is from acoustic nature of Bob Mould's first solo album, Workbook. A perfect tune for autumns.

3. Elliott Smith - Alameda
Do not get me wrong, Elliott Smith can be listened on every season, but, particularly i love Alameda, its nature and its simple beauty. Elliott Smith is the main indie icon of 90s, that's why his every record sounds perfect, there is nothing crap.

4. Mojave 3 - Got My Sunshine
I promised myself not doing complains about why some great songs or records couldn't make any success, but i give my word, Mojave 3 is one of a kind band (of course after Slowdive). After listening this brooding love torch, you'll thank to me(i hope).

5. Inspiral Carpets - Move
This is again successful but underrated at the same time. You should check their Life album which was a great found for me at the first listening. Life is still precious record to me, and i share one of my fav. cut with you.

6. Nico - All That Is My Own

7. Brian Eno - Golden Hours

8. Lambchop - Life's little tragedy

9. Antony And The Johnsons - Fistful Of Love (with Lou Reed)
No doubt, Antony And The Johnsons is the best thing after Lou Reed, Soft Cell, Jeff Buckley and Bryan Ferry. Be careful with that, these are quite important names.

10. Final Fantasy - Many Lives - 49 MP

I'm ending up the list with an amazing live video of Musette And Drums, this performance by Cocteau Twins was recorded live on TV in the UK in late 1983. I hope you liked the new layout.


kim said...

thanks great songs, and layout!!!

Anonymous said...

new layout is awesome.

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